Lemass Holding, through the activities of the subsidiaries, has grown and consolidated over the years in the Tuscan territory, offering products and services of excellence and forefront to all its customers.

It’s dynamic, visionary and futuristic company. The guidelines that drive it are the expertise, management organization, administrative and financial that certify its reliability. Our operations are made possible by a staff of employees and associates, which are a key resource demonstrating passion for the work and pride in being part of the group.


Expand and diversify the business in which we operate, innovating and strengthening the activities of the group.


Ethics and Excellence.

We create and share long-term value through our commitment to the improvement in transparency, sustainability and in corporate development.

Through products and services of high quality and strong innovation, we claim to offer maximum satisfaction and efficiency to the needs and desires of our customers.


Sustainable development for a better future.”


– 2017 –


The forecast for the year 2017 is to strengthen its position in the domestic and international markets as a group and not as individual companies.

– 2018 | 2020 –

Set Goals

The objectives are varied and ambitious, first of all to create added value to share with our territory.

What is most dear to us and on which we invest our means and our resources, are the development, territorial visibility and resulting employment growth.

Business & Philosophy

Lemass Holding was founded with the aim to strengthen, expand and diversify the business sectors in which it operates. With skills and means, it is mainly developed in the logistics and distribution industries, precision engineering and wine.

The Group

Lemass Holdingwas incorporated by the family Filippi-Beccani, it is holder of shares.


Among the subsidiaries of the group are present, Duologica Srl, ILT Tecnologie Srl and Drunk Turtle Srl.


Through the companies within the group, Lemass Holding works for national and multinational companies and international governmental companies.


The requirements of our investee companies to become our collaborators are: industry expertise, team working ability, individual expectations and motivational.

The evaluation will be based on experience as well as technical / professional, on the sharing of corporate values.